Women: From Priestesses to Making Sandwiches

Around 2,000 BC, in the city of Uruk (with the goddess Ishtar as their main dog), priestesses were the topdog. They had the most influence and power, we believed that they were the reason that we were civilized. 1,500 years later, they were the reason that mankind got kicked out of the garden of eden, and forever tainted us with “original sin”.

How did this happen?

In the beginning, you had the small city-states who had priestesses as the direct connection to their city’s main god. You also had the Epic of Gilgamesh, where a goddess created an unmatchable wild force, and a priestess civilized him by having sex. Here, there is a belief that a woman created us and civilizes us.

Then came the first empire. An empire started by a male: Saragon. This empire called for male rulers, who were stronger and more agressive than the female priestesses. With this change also came the change of god, we left the goddess of creation or love, and moved onto the god of lighting or sky.

Then came the Bible’s genesis, where a male god created man, and then AFTER trying to please him by creating cows, sheep, birds and all other animals, he then created woman. Then, woman ate the forbidden fruit and got humans kicked out of paradise. Since she made us suffer in the wild, she had also been punished with a painful child birth. These days, it is difficult for a woman to hold any major power in a church. Big difference from 4,000 yrs ago eh?

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