Gilgamesh and the Bible, Value of women in ancient texts.

The story of Adam and Eve is very different to the Epic of Gilgamesh.

In the Bible story, the first man is created by a single god who is interpreted to be male. Woman is then created to entertain man AFTER the animals, and was not made as an equal. She also is the one who a caused us to live away from God.

In Gilgamesh, the two uneatable MEN are both created by lots of gods, but primarily by the goddess of creation. Enkidu is created to be an equal to Gilgamesh, not his servant / entertainer. In the end, they both became friends and lived in paradise.

These two stories have few similarities, the most important one was the use of women as a seductress, in the Bible, to tempt Adam into eating the apple, and in Gilgamesh to civilize Enkidu.

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