Bad Romans = Good Christianity

Level 6 – Eight Sentences – Opinionated topic sentence (i.e., argument), three different points with specific examples, secondary information, specific dates/key figures, specific vocabulary, appositives, insight, natural transitions that link to previous sentence, thoughtful conclusion.

Though Christianity had been opposed since almost the very beginning, with the perfect combination of a constantly growing slave population, unfairly divided wealth, and an emperor who favored them, Christianity managed to rise to be the religion of Rome. Starting from 0 A.D. the Roman Empire began expanding. Every city they conquered brought in more and more slaves for Rome. Due to the growing amount of cheap workforce, the Plebeians were becoming increasingly unable to find work, thus they sank into poverty. This is where Christianity comes in. Christianity preaches that poverty is blessed, and that “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, then it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven” ( Matthew 19:24 ). There was also the unfair distribution of wealth that helped Christianity, with so much of Rome’s wealth and important jobs staying with the few wealthy patricians, the number of increasingly poorer plebeians increased dramatically, which meant that the number of christians did too. It also helped that Christianity was the religion that the Plebeians most easily associated with. Christianity also had its “divine” influence on the rule of Rome; Emperor Constantine. In 312, Constantine had a problem, his step brother Maxentius were at war with each other. However, according to Eusebius’ “Life of Constantine”, the night before the battle, Constantine’s army was marching when he glanced towards the sun, and saw a cross of light with the words “in hoc signo vinces” – which in english means “In this sign you shall conquer”. Constantine went on to win the battle and later the war with the sign of the cross on his shields. After this, he favored Christianity and gave better chances to Christians. However, this alone wasn’t enough to make Christianity the state religion. The emperor who followed; Theodosius took it to the next level by outlawing paganism and burning pagan temples only to build churches on top of them. Now one of the world’s major religions, Christianity was just in the right place at the right time.

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