Eunuchs Being Called Daddy, and the End of the Han Dynasty

Level 7 – Undetermined Number of Sentences – Opinionated topic sentence (i.e., argument), three different points with specific examples, secondary information, specific dates/key figures, primary source evidence, manipulating key primary source information so that it is weaved into your own words through ellipses and/or brackets, specific vocabulary, appositives, insight, natural transitions that link to previous sentence, thoughtful conclusion.

Through its time in China’s history, the politics, economics and religion of the Han Dynasty was constantly changing for the worse. When the peasant emperor; Liu Bang came into power, he followed the Daoist beliefs, called “Wu Wei” which was to let the people farm and to stay out of their way. By doing this, he managed to keep taxes low, live simply, and also kept a decent army for the defense of his kingdom. However, he did not maintain full control of his kingdom, giving away half of his kingdom as fiefs. Three emperors later, Wu Di came into power and took back all the fiefs, sometimes by force, and re-created the central government structure from the Qin. Though, unlike Liu Bang, Wu Di made confucianism the state policy and, like Chinese Constantine, gave jobs in the government to people who followed his favored belief. However, he did not let just any confucian get government level jobs, he had them take a test on how well they knew the principals of their belief. During the time, the emperor and his court was guarded by eunuchs, who had a heavy influence over the emperor and his successors, this started the practice of bribing eunuchs to persuade the emperor to make decisions that benefited you. A devout Confucian; Wang Man realized this was slowly destroying the empire and how bad the emperors were, and how large the rich – poor gap was. He then states a coup d’etat, and forcefully overthrows the government. When Wang Man is in power, he then confiscates land from the rich and redistributes it to the poor, who do to a natural disaster ( a river changing course), turn against him and Wang Man is assassinated by the people he tried to help. The final Han Emperor slaughtered confucian officials, all under the influence of the eunuchs, this emperor was so blinded that he began calling one of the eunuchs “daddy”. In the end, the peasants, led by Zhang Jiao’s Way of Peace, formed the Yellow Turban Movement, and raised a rebel army to support them, this army then went and killed scholars, divided land equally, attempted to make women equal, and all of this in “the name of God”. This rebellion was crushed by generals and the army, these generals then became warlords and the Warring States period started again.

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