How Akbar and Elizabeth changed religion for the best / worst

During the 1500’s, two great leaders changed their countries religious beliefs, Akbar the Great was very successful with his policies, while Queen Elizabeth, not quite so. Akbar used policies of universal tolerance to create peace in his kingdom. To show that Akbar, a muslim ruler, was fully tolerant, he took a hindu woman as his wife, something which had almost never been done before. He also appointed hindus in high cabinet positions and abolished all taxes imposed for being a Hindu or a non – muslim. During this time, Akbar’s empire was experiencing an overwhelming amount of trade. Due to this, people of various faiths and cultures passed through his land, and Akbar decided to welcome them all and to talk to them about their beliefs. After gathering all this information from them, he made his own set of beliefs, looking to transcend the disagreements and conflicts between religions and called it Din-i-llahi – or divine faith. These views and actions were enough to make peace between religions is his kingdom. Elizabeth, on the other hand, used a weak compromise to try to bring peace. Instead of being tolerant like Akbar, she changed small details about two similar beliefs, Protestantism and Catholicism to make her own, new religion, Anglicanism. She kept parts of the Protestant faith, such as allowing priests to marry, and to deliver their sermons in English, but also kept some of the finer points of Catholicism such as priests wearing fine robes. She also had the services revised to seem less Protestant and more akin to the Catholic faith. After this effort, both sides still wanted more. The Catholics who were dissatisfied with Elizabeth even tried to replace her with her sister, Mary Queen of Scots who was known to favor Catholicism. Elizabeth also received more serious threats from Phillip II, the Catholic king of Spain.

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